Ponca City Community Watch Page

This group was originally formed to keep our community informed about happenings good or bad in our area and keeping our community safe. That hasn't changed, but we have gone thru a lot of changes in administrators and rules. We urge posts about community activities, fundraisers, local events and crimes. We still welcome lost or found pets. Please try to avoid "review type" posts, but alerting the community to a situation or business is allowed but please state why. These guidelines have been set in place by the administrators of this group to help keep peace and maintain a friendly environment. Please do not post victims names before the media has released the information. Please use discretion when posting pictures of fires or accidents. Please no specific addresses or makes and models of vehicles. No cussing or verbal attacks. Using letters or symbols is still considered foul language and will be removed.
The administrators of this page reserve the right to delete posts and or comments that are deemed inappropriate without notification to the person who originally posted it. If re-posted, that person will be subject to removal.
No members allowed under the age of 16
Feel free to message any administrator if you have questions or problems.

We would love to be able to officially change the name of this group to maintain it's integrity to North Central Oklahoma Community Watch. However, Facebook does not allow groups over 250 members to alter the name. In light of that, we have decided to change the name on the cover photo to complete the transition to a member friendly group!!!
Shari Short, Roger Irwin, and Heather Irwin Administrators