Stunning Digital Photography Readers

READ THIS TO JOIN: This is the private group only for people who have bought Stunning Digital Photography. If you don’t have the book, you can buy it from (worldwide) or

After you request to join the group, we must verify that you have purchased the book before we allow you in. If you bought the book from using the same name you have on Facebook, you don't need to do anything else. If you bought the book elsewhere, send a photo of the book (if a paperback), or a photo/screenshot of your receipt (if an ebook) to [email protected] Please specify the name on your Facebook account.

It's highly recommended to take a couple of minutes to view the Introduction Video which will give you some insight in how this works, find the video here:

A few guidelines:

* ASK SPECIFIC QUESTIONS! It's OK just to post a picture and ask for general critique, but you'll get a much better response if you ask a specific question. We’ll do our best to help you AND we’ll update the book with the answer, so future readers won’t feel the same confusion.

* POST ONLY ONE PICTURE PER DAY and describe how you took it. Share your aperture, ISO, shutter speed and focal length as well as details about planning, lighting, posing, and how many shots you took. Be specific about the type of feedback you’re looking for, do not post photos for merely showing off, there are many groups on the internet for that, this is not one of them. Post on the timeline only; please don’t create albums (it gets cluttered). Feel free to add more pictures in the comments of a photo that you upload.

* HELP OTHERS. Giving feedback and answering questions is a great way to learn. It’s nice to compliment a photo, but if you can make a suggestion for how it could be improved, you teach both yourself and the photographer.

* DON'T BE SHY! The book and this group are designed for both beginner and advanced photographers. We’re all in different stages of learning photography, including Tony and Chelsea. You’ll see many amazing photos, but those photographers were beginners once, too.

* NO NUDITY OR SUGGESTIVE CONTENT (including links). Let's keep it work and family friendly. If you have any doubts, don't post it. Inappropriate material will be removed. If you continue to post or link to suggestive content you will be removed from the group. We apologize if you do see something inappropriate; just scroll past it and don't comment on it, because commenting brings it back to to the top of the feed.

SDP Vocabulary:

CC1 ~ Default, gentle feedback. Mostly positive.
CC2 ~ Gentle feedback. Positive and negative.
CC3 ~ I can handle some tough love. Keep it constructive.
CC4 ~ Anything goes! Tell me what you really feel.
E ~ Add an E to any of the above codes to invite people to edit your photo.

SOOC - Straight out of the camera
Photog = tog = photographer