Call Yersel a BANKIE!

READ THIS FIRST! By becoming a member of the group, you are agreeing to abide by the regulations layed out by FaceBook and should act in a responsible manner.

If you come from Clydebank or are associated with the Burgh let us know and we will add you here! ONCE added you will have become a member of a very unique group! Call Yersel a "Bankie!"

We have also decided NOT to allow anyone to ADVERTISE on here for financial gain....there's plenty of other places for that, CHARITIES are waived.


NO POLITICS! NO SECTARIANISM!NO OLD FIRM CHAT! Plenty of other places for that. If that is too much to ask then you dont need to be here. In fact there WILL BE NO DISCRIMINATION IN ANY FORM!
Also please no swearing.We are a family site
This is a place for Bankies to talk to other Bankies! and to find long lost relatives and friends and to chat about days gone by or just to natter and catch up.

It will be "Bankies" prioritised but there will be no discrimination (If your not a Bankie, you can still join or join a group that suits your needs) if you want to join.

A "Bankie" on here will be deemed as;
1 a person who was born in Clydebank.
2 a person who was born elsewhere but brought up in Clydebank.
3 a person who has moved to and lives in Clydebank.
4 a person who has associates (family friends etc) who live in Clydebank.
5 a person who has been born or lived in Clydebank but has moved away. (Expatriats)
6 a person who is related to "a Bankie"
7 someone who supports Clydebank FC.

and finally; All you great people who join this group are setting an example to other groups on FaceBook and FaceBook users, so go on, make them wish that they were "Proud To Be A Bankie!" and enjoy this page "Call Yersel a "Bankie!"

Anyone that's banned and using other members accounts could have that account removed too.

Bernie Logue Danny Smith, Ann Eddison and Margo Murphy Admin.