West Monroe Buy, Sell, Swap or Trade

This page is set up to buy sell swap or trade items you have and may want to sell, you must be available to meet in West Monroe, if buyer chooses to come to u fine but if asked rules require meeting in west monroe a option. Or you may be searching for something look for it here or post "ISO" followed by what u are looking for. You must Be 18 Years of age to buy or sell items on this group. I have listed rules to the group see the pinned post for full list, first time you will receive a warning, further violations will result in removal. Thanks

****SEE RULES****

These rules are Common Sense people. Please act like responsible Adults.

Sorry for the delays in adding new members, I get to them as soon as I can. If u have a problem with a buyer or seller please let me know. All contact with me should be done thru messages or email [email protected] Liz at: [email protected] Happy sales n bidding. Thank you!!! Again buy sell trade and swap at your own risk and responsibility!!