Clutter Clearout North London & surrounding areas

Reminder NO business ads. Thank you.

In the main de-clutterers are genuine, lovely people and the buyers the same and it works really well (better than paying fees and the hassle of other websites). However, it seems that a few people are giving us a bad name and ruining the experience for many. Time wasters and no shows is rude and unfair. People selling fakes and passing them off as real is illegal (not that CCNL is responsible for this). Rude comments is totally unnecessary. Let's all stay friendly and make it work. If you have experience of any of the above please message either myself or Wendy privately rather than just stating "admin contact me" as you must appreciate we cannot monitor every posting. We will try and help if we can. We will ban people that break these rules. We have to be careful about naming people in posts as sometimes (and probably not in most cases) there may be a genuine reason why they didn't turn up. Can I suggest if you are meeting someone then take their mobile number and call before you leave. Happy selling and buying!


Please only post/ bump photos once per 24 hours. Also it is not acceptable to post a pic and then 2-3 hours later add the details in the comment section to bump it up. Thanks in advance.
Politeness on a post costs nothing, do not hassle the seller in any way shape or form. You will be banned.
There are a few time wasters that give the group a bad name. Only comment if you are serious about collecting and paying for the item. Do not private message an offer, comment on the original post to keep it fair. Do not use slang such as 'int' and then wonder why you have not been given first refusal.
Please stay safe when selling face to face - meet on mutual ground where possible. Be clear on area and price. Do not put yourself at risk.
This is a FREE group, we can not deal with issues such as no shows! We do not make any money out of this group, and therefore would rather admin was kept to a minimum.
No fakes or copies either please. Spammers are deleted and banned as and when myself or my admin team are on line.
Keep to Clutter only ( 2nd hand items) - furniture, baby equipment, garden items, clothes, comics, books, toys,
Knock off items will be reported straight to the police.
Anything deemed inappropriate will be deleted without notification.

The deal is between the buyer and seller and therefore CC are not responsible for any issues. Tag an admin rather than just typing 'admin'.

Last but not least....please like my Facebook pageand @Megacitykids on twitter - thank you.