Filipino Hoteliers Worldwide is a group dedicated to Filipinos who have chosen to make the Hospitality Industry their lifetime career. This group is open to fellow hoteliers of any nationality stationed anywhere in the world who have a deep connection with the Philippines and Filipinos. We also welcome aspiring hoteliers/students. This group's intention is to get all of us together to exchange and share ideas and experiences. Photo contributions are welcome.

For hoteliers posting JOB ANNOUNCEMENTS, please provide FULL DETAILS (Name of Company, Address, Website and other employment matters). Otherwise, your posting will be deleted automatically.

Advise to applicants, if poster uses the English language, please respond in English for courtesy sake.

We will also not tolerate brusque and uncouth language in this group.

Finally, please use either straight English or Filipino in your postings. No 'jejemon' will be allowed in this group.

Thanks for joining.