Kingman Pet Connection

Welcome Northern Arizona Residents !

NOTICE* Please NO breeder posts. Until our local shelters have a 0% kill rate we can not support home breeding. Suspected breeder posts will be removed. Re-homing of 1 accidental litter or instance of family pets is ok for a small fee which may include recent shots/neuter costs. Please see our file about affordable local spay/neuter options* Admins have final say in all rehoming posts. Posts involving emotional blackmail (must go now or will be pts/etc) will get you banned. Those who are too irresponsible to fix their pets and come in repeatedly with “oops” litters will also be banned. There is ZERO tolerance for harassment of those rehoming a pet, nothing you can say will make the rehomer a better animal lover so please just help the pet get a home and hope the owner will be more responsible in the future. Harassing comments will be deleted. If there is an issue with a repeat rehomer please contact admin.

If you have Lost/Found a pet please read our file on tips to help reunite pets and their people:

We invite Local (and fairly local) posts on all things going on in the Kingman Pet Community. Lost & Found, Adoption (private and rescue groups), Re-homing, upcoming events, sales, services offered, general questions, pet related humor, national news and more. No repeating or bumping the same post excessively. Duplicate posts may be removed. Because of the strong emotions connected with pets, do not post rants in the group or post additional threads about posts that have been removed due to drama. There is a great group for ranting called “Kingman Orchids and Onions” use it

NOTICE: Solicitation of monetary donations by any individual or group that is not an official 501c3 or who has not received prior permission from the admin will be deleted. We apologize for any inconvenience but our #1 priority is to protect our members from fraud or harassment.

IMPORTANT: Think before adopting a new pet. Pets require a lot of time/money and are a commitment not a passing phase. Connection is not a pet rental service and anyone habitually looking for pets or turning around and rehoming pets once they are no longer a puppy/kitten etc, will be removed.

Disclaimer: Admin has no sense of humor. If you can't get along with someone, block them. I remove people for being a direct threat to the community through fraud, etc, or jerks who are not worth the time to block. For everything else you are mostly on your own I make a really bad babysitter, it is why I have pets and not kids.

We do not endorse any organization, company or group and can not confirm the validity or accuracy of any post. Please seek advice from a professional at a local vet in cases of pet illness or injury. All of the admins are 100% volunteer and give up their time to support the pet community.