Man stuff Sell and Trade Idaho Falls


No BUSINESS advertising of Dealerships!
No Furniture including couches and beds.!!!!
No Appliances including Washers, Dryers stoves....
No womens clothing including womens jewelry.
No Baby Formula, Baby Food, or Baby clothes!
No Pets, unless hunting or working dogs.
No Kids Toys!
If it wont sell at a Garage Sale it Won't Sell Here
Admins don't get in the middle of the drama.

Only 1 bump per day with a max of 3 bumps total (use them wisely)

Do not relist an item. Relisting an item is the same as bumping but clogs up the page. Please edit the details instead.

More than 3 items require an album. Please use the facebook help function for instructions.

Please list the price, miles,year,and condition of vehicles.

Refusal to list or reply with a price will result in the item being deleted or up to being deleted as a member.

If reports of not responding to items are made the item will be deleted.

Noone is obligated to sell or hold for the first person. It is up to the seller to have a first come first serve or first with the cash methods.

Admins are not liable for transactions.

If You argue selling your item is manly for the purpose that a man uses it, a man bought it or a man owns it. We WILL BAN YOU. (sorry heard that song and dance too many times on this page)

items deleted are at the discretion of the admins.

If you block an Admin, we find you and BAN you permanently.

Anything more than 30 days can
be deleted unless a current transaction is in progress.

Please clean up your own mess on deleting things.