Missouri Power Sports Swap

RULES: Please Read . . .

*** This is for your power sports needs only! if you need to sell a purse go to your local county swap page ours is for - Motorcycle's, Dirt bike's, four-wheeler's, boat's, wave-runner's; any type of ATV and their misc or performance part's in the state of Missouri. we may tolerate car and truck adds along with misc parts "rims, tires.." but NO dealers!

we are not liable for anything lost, stolen or damaged and do not offer any form of warranty, please purchase at your own risk and safety as we also do not hold any liability over the results of where you determine to meet other's to complete a transaction so please meet in a public setting.***

*** rules summed up ***
A.) price ( even if your only wanting trade, people want to know what you value your item for)

B.) Information ( is it running/not running, mods, title status )

C.) location ( we don't need an address just a general location/city)

D.) contact info ( what's the best way to get ahold of you )

E.) please maintain your original post, If you wish to move your post to the top of the page please comment (bump) and it will send your post to the top, any multiple posts of selling the same item will be deleted ( so maintain the original please)


1. Upload a picture of your item by clicking on the upload photo icon by the comment area at the top of the page. If you have more than one item of the same nature - PLEASE GROUP THEM TOGETHER (i.e. - Motorcycle parts can all go in one picture, 3 Helmets can go in one picture, 2 Tires can go in another...you get the idea)

2. After uploading the picture, it will give you the opportunity to give an item description - be sure to add the description AT THIS TIME. If you do not add the description to the picture they are very likely to be separated by other posts that are constantly coming in.

3. When giving an item description we require you list the PRICE, year, Make,Model, size, defects, location, contact information in the main body ( description / Details! )

4. It is also helpful and cuts down on site clutter if you ask people to CONTACT YOU DIRECTLY via your phone number, email address, or facebook account. Be sure to include contact information in your item description.

5. Once you have the item sold or found what you were looking for, kindly remove the pictures to free up space for more users. It will also put a stop to unwanted emails/calls.

To Remove Items That Have Sold Or No Longer Being Sold. Go to the right of your screen there is a box that says "Search This Group" put in your name and it will bring up anything you have commented on or posted. Go to the right of your post with your mouse and a little X will appear and click on and delete. Thanks for keeping the site a little cleaner and easier to see items for sale!

The Administrator has the right to remove any multiple posting or post at anytime.