Exclusive group for mumbai moms only! if you are a mom and is staying in are welcome to join us !
Vision of MUMO- MUMO is your best buddy who gives you strength in times of struggle, support in times of need , smiles in times of celebrations, connect in times of virtual world, friends in times of competition, love in times of likes and above all the buddy who gives you a "break" much deserved .
1. Every month we do a GRAND MEET on different themes-it can b a potluck party, can b a lounge clubbing, can be a bollywood brunch, can be expert seminar , orphanage visit,and many more (we never fail to surprise you)..this all with mumo moms across mumbai and in different locations. Ideas for grand meets are welcome.
2.we allow and support moms doing lotta submeets/playdates/mini meets with other mumo moms to exchange valuable info of dat suburb over a cuppa coffee/ movie/drama or a playdate
If you wish to conduct any SUBMEET feel fre to do so.just ensure its not a week before or after the grand event .second make sure no advance payments are collected for these sub meets. Third ,kindly call it mumo mini meet. Fourth, dont forget to click n post pics of these meets. There are no other rules we imply for any submeets.
3.we will run watsapp groups for different suburb groups to make sure any info or help you need is handy.
4. All MUMO members have put lots of trust in us by getting added here and even sharing their numbers with us. Kindly refrain from using this database for any purpose at all. If you are found creating any parallel whatsapp group or fb group / using our data without admin's consent , you will be immediately removed from the group and your name will be highlighted to open forum for failing on the grounds of integrity.
on mumo everyday is a day full of activities
Monday- Mumo Star Mom-
An active mom is chosen as a star mom by admin...and we get to know the star mom a little more !
Tuesday- Mumo Tuesday Chef of the week contest
Wednesday-"Budh Bazaar"-All mompreneurs are free to post ONE biz promotion post today ! restrict it to ONE post only and with a SINGLE collage of pictures
Note: NO biz promotion PICS on watsapp at all..only a para of ur biz can b shared with your biz link .
Thursday-"Thursday Treasures-CRAFTACTICS
DIY projects for moms .
Friday and sunday- yet to announce
one medical expert will share a parenting tip or health tip - Q/A session are welcome on the same.
First thing you should do after joining mumo is read our first pinned profile post. It will tell you everything about us.
Keep loving us...before your love makes us grow.
MUMO needs you..and you need that break!
For any queries n concerns -write on [email protected]
Cheers !
MUMO team