Welcome to Negosyo Blog I Helping You Starting Your Own Business

This Group is for adults that are serious about their profession. If you are not interested in being a positive member of this group, please DO NOT join.

Dedicated to sharing business opportunities, resources and ideas.

This group is dedicated to the success and empowerment of all entrepreneurs, business owners, free thinkers, and big dreamers of Filipinos around the world. Whether you're an idea man, idea woman, idea kid, or idea dog - as an entrepreneur, you are the lifeblood of industry and the backbone of the global economy.

This group page was created for business purposes for these kinds of people who are looking to start their own business or already have existing business and wants to expand their business and are looking for group or friends to do this.

We desire the discussions of this group to be realistic, educational, purposeful and free from anything less than providing a positive effort towards progressing with this group.

Feel free to share your professionally crafted comments and feedback from your reading, your experiences and how you suggest that will reach a worldwide audience.

This is where we can work together & promote each other as well.

Let's try the idea of working together among FRIENDS.
It is a great concept, with a very wide variety of opportunity. Try it and make the most of it.

Be Blessed
Dennis Almaras

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Welcome to Negosyo Blog I Helping You Starting Your Own Business


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