Southern Illinois Trading Post

Southern Illinois Trading Post is a “Buy – Sell – Trade – Wanted...” group. Please read the group rules and guidelines before posting. These are found in the lower right corner of the big picture on top of the group page. Click where it says "More" then "Files"
If you post an item, please delete your post when the item has sold or is no longer available.

No advertising in this group. This includes Avon, Mary Kay, diet fads, links to other websites or other Facebook groups. Folks come here to buy-sell-trade their items and do not need to be bombarded by advertisements.
If you own a shop or store you may post individual items for sale but do not advertise your business with a link to another page.

THIS IS NOT A COMMUNITY BULLETIN BOARD. No lost or missing animal / pet posts. No yard sale, garage sale posts. No benefits, charity or fundraising posts. There are plenty of groups that allow to post these things. **Missing children posts may be made.**