Wayne County Online Yard Sale & Free site !!

Hello i came up with this idea from someone in Clinton County that made one of these . . . this group is for anyone in or around Wayne County. So add who ever you want to this group . . . the more the better!! You can post pictures of items for sale. This is here just to help out cause not everyone can set out in the fall and winter time and i don't know about you but i love buying second hand stuff !!! Please keep the profanity out of here this is going to be a site for all and to respect others lets just not. Also items placed in here are sold as is unless seller states other wise. Please be honest with the description of your item!! If you have any questions just ask i will answer lets just have fun and sell things . . thanks ♥ God Bless ♥

** When listing your items make sure you give as many details as possible. For example if you are selling clothing please list the price, size, gender, condition, smoke free/pet free home, etc…

** When listing items please list them in an album if you are able to do so. I know some folks do their posting from their phones or have a slow internet connection so not everyone can post their pictures in an album but for those who can, please do so. It will help make the page easier to navigate and will keep all your items together so it’s easier to add or delete items if you need to.

** When listing items that are not in an album please try to group your like items together. For example if you have 10 t-shirts that are all the same size please list them in a group instead of individually.

** When arranging a meeting time and place please make sure to meet in a well lit public place. Don’t give out your phone number or home address on the main page. Give that info out only through private messages. If your phone number is on the main page that means everyone can see it.

** If you are unable to meet someone when you are supposed to please let them know you are not going to be able to make it and try to arrange another meeting ASAP. If I receive three complaints about someone not showing up to get their items I will ban you from the group. Same thing goes for selling. If I receive three complaints about you not showing up to sell your items then you are gone.

** If you are having problems with someone please do not post it on the main page for everyone to see. That is very disrespectful and could get you banned immediately! If someone is not showing up for their items or not answering your questions please send them a private message and try to work it out that way. If you have already tried that then please send me info on what is going on and once I get three complaints on them I will ban them from the group.

** There will be zero tolerance for people fussing and arguing over items. If I see it at anytime I have the right to ban you from the group. If u can't say anything nice don't say it at all I am not here to make ppl listen and have enough respect to respect other!! If caught doing so u will be removed from group no questions asked!

** When your items have sold please find them and delete them. Do not delete them until they are “physically” sold. Meaning the person who wanted the item has paid you for it.

** If your items have been listed on the site and have had no activity in the last 30 days they may be deleted at any time after the 30 days. By no activity I mean no comments or bumps on the items.

*** Bumps are not to be done within 24 hr of the post you created!! For example you post one day then that's your post you can not bump the same day ! You are only going to be allowed total of 10 bumps per item so use wisely! If I see any bumping of item for more then 30 days item will be removed!!

Please as i add more ppl to this group read the rules and state you have done so, If you block me or my admit you will be removed no questions asked! Thanks for all those who have made this group a great one !!