Wexford Mammy's selling page

Rules of the Wexford Mammys Selling page 1.Only three add per day if more 3 albums per day. 2.Only three bumps pre add a day. 3.Please delete add if item is sold. 4.No selling of animals on page. 5.Business post on Friday only if seen on any other day will be deleted. 6.No shows will be given a two week ban if they do not get in touch with the buyer or seller to let them know they can't make it.
7.Complaints about no shows or anything else please report to admin.
8.Any one been abusive to anyone on the page will be bared from the page. 9.You must put a price up. 10.A business post is anyone making anything at home to sell or anyone that has two, three, or more items that are new, or it will be up to admin to decide. 11, no commenting under other people post, saying you get it cheaper elsewere