NLS- New London Spicer Sell & Swap

Hello Thank you for joining!!
Here are some rules to keep in mind: you must be willing to meet in the New London / Spicer Area

1. If the person asks a question please give them first chance to take the item. They're asking because they're interested but want to know more! First comment=first chance!
2. If you post more than 5 photos please make an album. If you don't know how don't be afraid to ask us! I will post administration below!
3. Don't cause drama, that's no fun! Be nice not rude!
4. Don't steal period! You steal and post on here you will be reported.
5. Report all no shows, you get 3 and you're out. it's not fair to anyone! Unless there is a good reason, sometimes life happens and I hope you understand sometimes!
6. Please post what you're looking for in the Iso section!
7. Singes will be deleted after 30 days and albums after 2 months. Just relist if your items are still availlable. If you have questions about something never be afraid to ask! We're here to help! I hope you all enjoy shopping! Be safe and watch who you're buying from!! — with Amanda Sundin and Kim Johnson.