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Admin is Jay Markland

Welcome to Facebay, rules are as follows:

I hoped that I wouldn't need to list some rules but hey here I am and here they are:

Selling in these groups is about marketing. The better the advert the more likely you are to achieve a sale. So please add a photo, description, location and price on your post, this is not Ebay so no offers. This will allow members to use the search bar to find your items. Having this information will stop people having to ask these questions and hopefully stop the arguing over who said they wanted the item first.

You are very welcome to add as many pictures as you would like to the albums at any one time (please name this album so you can find them later but it is also handy for the search feature for buyers), but please only add 5 to the wall per day (by commenting on them), this is to give everyone a fair chance of their items being seen.

HOW TO MAKE AN ALBUM: Open the status bar to make a post. At the top you will see add photo/video. Click that link and it will give you the option to make a album.

IPad users use safari to make album.

Do not just re-post your item use the search tool and type your name and it'll bring up all of your posts. This is located at the top right in the form of a magnifying glass and bump it. (This is on a PC)

If you are posting on your mobile. You will need to go to the actual Facebook website not the app, find the Facebay page from your groups list on the left then do the same as above.

Bumping your item is only allowed every 6 hours. Again this is to keep it fair.

This is a selling site not a forum so no asking questions about where to get things. Please leave that to your own page.

When your item is sold please inform anyone that was interested. Then please delete the post.

Please be polite and considerate when messaging members. No arguing or abuse on any posts. If you are subject to or see any abuse please inbox admin.

In all sales, it is a case of BUYER BEWARE. Sellers in a private sale are under no legal obligation to refund anything. Therefore, before parting with any money, please make sure that you are happy that the item you are buying is in full working order or in a condition you are happy with. Please play fair - items to be sold on a first come first served basis.

If you arrange a collection and are unable to make the appointment, please contact the seller, its common decency. If this happens a couple of times you will be banned.

No advertising of animals, weapons (replicas or real), other groups or businesses. This is a selling group not an advertising one.

Contrary to belief I do not sit at a PC all day. I do have a job, family & other things to do. So please be patient and I will deal with any problems as best I can as soon as I can. I need your help to keep this site running fair and civil.