Toronto Hakka Chinese Community Network (THCCN)

The mission of the Hakka Youth Association of Toronto (HYA) is t...o provide a forum for the Hakka Community to network amongst each other, with a view to sustain the Hakka Culture. Specifically, HYA will focus on the Youth and Children within the Community. This mission shall be accomplished through pursuit of the following objectives:
(a) Encourage our target community audience to participate in the HYA’s programs and activities;
(b) Develop and deliver sporting programs for children under 14 years of age;
(c) Engage our youth and young adults. Fund programs developed by our youth and young adults for the youth and young adults;
(d) Establish and maintain liaison with other Hakka Organizations with a view to foster a larger network. The Hakka Youth Association of Toronto will not duplicate the mission and objectives of other Hakka Organizations;
(e) Be inclusive and strive to create a fun and supportive Community;
(f) Develop and deliver programs that helps sustain the Hakka Culture in a foreign land;
(g) Encourage volunteerism within the Hakka Community;
(h) Build pride within the Hakka Community.
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