WIBBLE (Women In Business - Brilliant Local Entrepreneurs)

WIBBLE (Women In Business - Brilliant Local Enterprises) has been set up by yours truly to encourage local women in Hampshire, Wiltshire, West Sussex, East Sussex and Dorset (UK) who are doing enterprising things and running their own small businesses to do business with each other, get/give advice, make suggestions, provide support, network and generally use local girl power to help your business, no matter how big or small. Visit http://www.WIBBLE.us/

>>> WiBBLE *NEW RULES* <<<

After being bombarded with ads recently, I've had to take the decision to change the group rules for WiBBLE. Members have long enjoyed being part of a group which has been "the best place to get help & advice from fellow business women a bit of support & a helping hand." To get it back to that place, the rules are as follows.

On joining, please feel free to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your business, why you started it and give your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest links and web address.

Only advertise or ask for 'likes' on MAKE-THE-MOST-OF-IT MONDAYS - This will be THE ONLY DAY where advertising your business will be allowed. Any advertising posts posted on days other than MONDAY will be removed by the new admins or myself and continued spamming will result in removal from the group.

Please do ask questions, advice, recommendations for services, share tips and links to business workshops which group members may find useful.

Feel free to mention/tag your business in comments in response to those questions, calls for advice and recommendations.

There are some other changes in the pipeline for WiBBLE. So please do watch this space.
The valuable yet affordbable content remains for members of the WiBBLE.us website http://www.WiBBLE.us/register, including a range of business boosting eBooks, a highly praised value for money SOCIAL MEDIA ECOURSE (4 weeks, 4 workbooks, video tutorials and weekly emails covering FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST and LINKEDIN, plus a WIBBLE Toolkit to hope you and your business).