Preguntas y Mas Murcia

This is a group set up for anything OTHER than 'Buy Sell or Swap' in ALL the Murcia Region. i.e Questions needing an answer, dogs lost or found only. Help required, odds
and sods etc I WILL allow Charities/Groups to post 'Whats On's
or information.
Please Note This group is not to be used as a Political or religion arena.

Please would Businesses refrain from advertising. Contact details of businesses can be added to the Useful Info Doc. Businesses may of course answer questions but not blatantly advertise. Quoting must be done via PM.

Information on Animal FB pages can be found in the new Document under Files.
Please do not be offensive to others or use bad language, you will be banned!! Please try not use this group as a personal Facebook Page. I dont want to stop a bit of banter but people are finding it difficult when the threads are taken up with chat!! If you complain about a business on here then your post will be deleted, unless you have gone through the proper complaints procedure and completed a complaint form. Thanks