British Rail Old School (BROS)

There are fewer and fewer ex-British Rail active staff on today's modern railway, and they are now a minority. Thankfully there are still thousands of retired ex-BR railway-men and -women still out there. What was it like working for a nationalised railway: good, bad, happy, or sad?
British Rail has been gone now about 13 years, and all traces of it seem to have been wiped away from this modern corporate concern; still, they cannot take the memories away - that's why I have created this group for ex-BR staff to reminisce.
So any ex-BR staff, still active or retired, and their family, {proof of relationship will be required} will be allowed to join or post! There are new guidelines to be published soon to avoid any unpleasant problems. So again: tales, poems, photos welcome - let's drift back together to a different time on the nation's railways! So if you don't have a railway back ground you will not be allowed to join.
Also please do not use bad language nor abuse anyone on the group, we all have different views please respect others.
Any offensive posts will be removed and the admins decision is final on this matter, anyone continually breaking the guidelines may be removed from the group.