Central Virginia Offroad Swap Shop

Post off road related items you have for sale, trade, or that you are looking for.

1. Must post price, location, and picture. THIS INFO MUST BE IN THE ORIGINAL POST.

1a. I'm not looking for a street address, just a town is fine.
1b. Posting a brief description of your item should be common sense.

2. Absolutely no spamming! That means DO NOT sell the following items: uggs, fake Nikes, monkeys or other exotic animals, fake brand name goods or other non-car related goods, and no promoting non-car related sites or videos.

3. Each member is allowed one post to sell one or multiple items. DO NOT bump more than once during a 24 hour period so your post appears on top. If you need to edit a post or add more information, there is a new edit feature so use it. Be cautious and use common sense when purchasing/selling items on here. This group is not responsible if you are scammed.

4. Please show some respect for fellow members. We are all adults here, act like it.