Prineville Girlfriend Swap

Welcome to Prineville Girlfriend Swap!
Here's how it works....
Ever have something that you just want to see go to a good home? Buyers remorse and can't return it? Need something and don't have time to drive all over town to find it? Do you have something that is in great shape, but just don't use it anymore? Want to avoid the spam or possible creeps that you may get from Craigslist? Here is your answer! The free, no fee girlfriend swap! Good things from good homes to good girlfriends! Let's follow a few simple guidelines to keep the page fun and working as smooth as it can when something is a FREE service.


1. You can buy/sell/swap or giveaway!

2. You can post a WANTED item!

3. PLEASE post a picture of your sale item/s, description, MEASUREMENTS (if applicable) & PRICE AND if you live in a surrounding area of Prineville (i.e. live in Redmond, live in Post, Mitchel etc.) so that the buyer knows!

4. Please only post a maximum of TWO POSTS per day and 10 POSTS per individual at a time. PLEASE DO NOT CREATE AN ALBUM! Most people use a mobile device and you cannot view the albums from a phone, so your item will not get good selling exposure.

5. In order to keep the page current and not too overwhelming, your posts have a TIME LIMIT....TWO WEEKS! Then, you must delete your post. It is YOUR responsibility to monitor your posts!!! Just remember 10 & 2! Like driving!
IMPORTANT: to delete a post, go to the "PHOTOS" tab, or search for you photo by your name under the magnifying glass. You need to hover in the lower right hand corner of the photo over Options and Remove your photo. It doesn't always remove your photo when you go to the right of your post and delete. That usually only deletes all the comments, but not the post (photo).

6. PLEASE DO NOT "BUMP" your posts to move them to the top of the page. THE ONLY TIME YOU SHOULD/CAN bump is if you are LOWERING THE PRICE!!!

7. When commenting on a post, it is helpful to type in the persons name (by typing the @ symbol and their name) if you can as a "tag" so that their name appears in BLUE. This should notify them that someone is commenting on their post. (I know this doesn't work on some mobile devices) Notifications are a little tricky with FB and sometimes you don't know when people respond to your post. You can also try to personal message that person and depending on their own personal settings, you may or may not be able to.

8. As a BUYER: Comment on an item if you would like to buy it! If you are interested in an item and someone else responded first, just comment you are second in line, third in line as some sales can fall through. As the SELLER: give courtesy to the first responder. If the deal falls through, go to the next person. Responding time for both BUYER/SELLER MUST BE IN A TIMELY FASHION (need to contact w/in 24 hours) or seller should just move to the next person. Make sure you try to contact the person by text, email, or personal messaging so they know you responded. Sometimes people's FB settings don't allow them to see notifications (PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR PERSONAL SETTINGS AND ADJUST ACCORDINGLY SO THAT YOU DO RECEIVE NOTIFICATION). CHECK YOUR "OTHER" Inbox for personal messages as if someone is not your actual FB friend, sometimes the message might go there. Again, always helps to tag the persons name in the comment.

9. If someone is coming to pick up an item, try on or take a look, post SALE PENDING until the transaction is complete. When transaction complete (MONEY IN HAND), DELETE the post. You can delete your post by going to the right hand side of the picture posted and delete the picture or search all photos or go to SEARCH feature and type in your name or item description and all of your posts SHOULD come up. This doesn't seem to work for all. /:

10. Please NO DIRECT SALES ASSOCIATES posting current items. If you are having a special event or fundraiser go ahead and post the event. This is not intended to be a business page for one to conduct their personal business. I don't mind you posting the occasional handmade item or something that is retired from the current line, but adhere to the to the guidelines of TWO posts per day, 10 item max per seller.

11. Handle the sale of your item/s through Personal Messaging versus carrying an ongoing convo through the comments under the photo. Exchange phone #'s or email.

12. Please handle your transactions SWIFTLY within 48 hours max unless other arrangements have been make between buyer and seller. It is up to the seller to RE-POST the item if you have not made attempts to take care of your end of the deal. Please, please, please follow through with people and be on time. We are all busy, please be respectful of a girlfriend's time!

13. You may invite LOCAL friends to join the group. (We want things to be easy to pick up!) Invite peeps that you are DYING to see what they have in their closet, house, garage! SEE UPDATE **Simply add names of the friends you want to invite in the little box on right of this page that says...FRIENDS. This group is classified as a FB secret group (just what FB calls it) because we want YOU to invite your best local gal pals rather than it being open so everyone can see it.

14. You may post household goods, tools, your clothes, shoes, accessories, frye boots (:, your kids' items, sports equipment, your husbands’ clothes etc! No junk please!

15.Let's keep this page as a swap. Please no business advertisements.

16. Not responsible for deals that don't work out, or defective merchandise.

17. Having said that, keep in mind there are fantastic local businesses and independent sales representatives that consign and/or outright buy. Please consider those as an option too! This is not meant to take away from any of those places, just another way to shop and another resource to fit some people's needs.

18. As the admin, I reserve the right to delete posts, "ban" people from the page if guidelines are not followed or even shut down the site if necessary.

19. This is meant to be fun. Please be kind and play fair. Hope you have fun with it, find cool things and sell some things too.

20. One last time, delete YOUR POSTS when they sell or after 2 weeks. I am not the babysitter girls...I do this in my "spare time". Like most of you, I have a full-time job and a family! Otherwise, don't POST, just BUY! Thanks!