Suwannee County News and Gossip and Venting Zone

This is for all the local news and some surrounding counties if interesting that the dummycrap doesn't print and anything else you find interesting going on that may pertain to us that you wish to discuss excluding national politics(those kinds of posts will be deleted). Local politics will be allowed to discuss. Any content you post will be solely the responsibility of the one posting it. We sometimes know the news before the paper and they get mad if you post to their wall before they do. Unless an actual article is posted to whatever we discuss we assume it's RUMOR or GOSSIP, but if it's the talk of the town then it's probably true. Talk of the town is in regards to PUBLIC officials or any happenings around the county. NASCAR AND FOOTBALL are no no's.

No profanity allowed including s---, f--- etc. Your post will be deleted. Discussion allowed, keep insults to a minimum or subject to your post being deleted. Public officials are open game. You will get one warning then you will be banned or your posts deleted if you continue to cuss or attack other members. A lot of mundane drama is not really wanted or necessary.

Please don't post your cartoons or wall pictures unless they happen to pertain to a topic we are discussing. Do not advertize for jobs there is another group for that. You can announce a new business in Live Oak but after that........... DO NOT ADVERTIZE ANY BUSINESS!!! This may get you banned without warning.

Please don't post anything for sale in here as it will be deleted. Don't post any work from home ventures or any kind of selling, you are subject to get banned if you do. I have another group for that. If you know of jobs please post in here