Cooking with Serafim and his Angels


We hope you are hungry!

Our group is for people who love food. We are all about food.
We share our recipes from our kitchen's, which some belonged to our Parents even our Grandparents....

1. If you see something that does not appeal to you, just please scroll past it and do not comment. We will not tolerate negative comments. As there is no WRONG or RIGHT way. We ask that there be no drama in Our Group
2. Spam is not allowed. Spam will be deleted, and the member who posted the spam will be banned.
3. Religious or Political comments are not allowed. We are not from all the same Religion as we are not here to enforce any either.
5. TO SEARCH FOR RECIPES... click on the magnifying glass in the right upper corner. Type what you are looking for (chicken, lobster, or cakes) and hit enter. All past posts will then come up including those ingredients.

HOW TO PREVENT EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS:1. stay on the group page Cooking with Serafim and his Angels
. 2. go to the upper right hand corner where it says notifications 2. click notifications on the right portion then click "off" 3. Click "settings" and uncheck the box that says you will be sent notifications on your email address
HOW TO VIEW SAVED RECIPES. you can go to the albums which are sorted into groups eg Portuguese recipes,, Soup and Salads. This is handy when you want to find a recipe again.

Serafim Lebres, , Gabriela Waggoner, and Matilda Maduro ,Anna Goulart, Cathy Borges, Grace Sousa and Paula Hartlett, Nelia Teves Peixoto, Ana Maria McCanney, Hope Duarte