Binbrook Ontario Moms Buy & Sell

Buy & Sell Group Guidelines

Members are welcome to post their gently used items for sale on these pages. *Please do not post car seats for sale*

All items posted must be available for drop off or pick up in Binbrook. Sellers from other communities are welcome to post, but you must be willing to bring the item to town - you cannot pass on a member because they cannot pick up outside Binbrook. Posts and members who cannot follow the rules will be removed. (NOTE: those in rural Binbrook, including Empire Corners, are still considered "in Binbrook".)
Sale of an item is to go in the order people respond. Buyers have 12 hours from the point they respond to arrange pick up of the item, unless it is posted that the item needs to be gone within a certain time frame.

These groups are not to be used as a promotional platform for businesses.

Please do not bump posts more than once weekly.

Please delete your items once they have been sold.

Members who do not follow the above group guidelines risk being removed from the group.

*Please note that bullying will not be tolerated on these platforms. Insulting posts will be immediately deleted and users potentially removed from the group. We understand and appreciate that people may have different opinions (that's what makes the world go 'round) but please be respectful!

We appreciate your co-operation to help these groups run smoothly!

Please check out our affiliate Group "Binbrook Ontario Moms" to connect with local moms : ) and check out our community resource website

PLEASE DO NOT advertise your business on this page, it will be deleted.