Crete Community News You Can Use

Ok, so here's a group specifically for news, events, activities, etc. pertaining to Crete Il. Here you can post special events, missing/found pets, school announcements, interesting things you think your fellow citizen may enjoy, or even just to ask a question.

*No buying, selling, posting of home businesses or any other spammy stuff.
*No "free" or "for sale" pets on here... The only exception to this is if the animal is currently in a shelter or rescue as they perform the proper screening for adopters.
*No Hate speech of any kind will be tolerated.
*Posting about killing or harming animals is not allowed...period.
*No swearing...keep it clean.

If you choose to ignore the rules, your post WILL be deleted.
Keep it friendly and respectful, rude people are subject to deletion as well.