GoonieVille Buy & Sell - Astoria Oregon and surrounding areas

This is a local group for any local buying, selling, renting or trading. Include pictures if you have them! Add your friends and help support our community by sharing locally! Knappa to Seaside!

Group creator/admins does not expect or take commissions in any form and assumes no responsibility whatsoever with any and all items sold or offered. Complaints with any and all items offered or sold shall be the sole responsibility of the seller. Admins will remove any identified fraudulent offer(s)/deal(s) and the member(s) responsible for such offer(s)/deal(s). We will also remove spam of other selling sites.
NO FIREARMS OR DRUGS!!!! If you attempt to buy or sell these items you will be banned from the group.

Do not BUMP your item more than once in a 24 hour period. If you do, your item will be deleted, and if it happens more than once, you will be banned from the group.

When posting multiple like items, PLEASE create a folder, and bump the entire folder as needed instead of each individual item. This is still an efficient way to sell your items, while keeping the page less cluttered. Also be sure to delete your item once it is sold. Thank you!!

Please post "SPAM" in any post that seem to good to be true, usually purses, shoes, and sunglasses, or for some weird reason puppies not in the area! The usually refer to a website or an email address. Also get rich quick skeems, and "work from home, all you need is a computer". Please post SPAM in a comment, and I or another ADMIN will delete them and BAN them! Thanks, Happy selling and buying!