Group admins: Shannon Plamondon, Toni Pasquinelly-Richter and Sara Brown

Group Rules:

1. You Must put INTERESTED (INT) - If you see something that you want to purchase, state "interested" not "poss. interested" If you don't then the first person that does is first in line. THE SELLER MUST WORK IN THE ORDER OF INTERESTED ON THE POST. IF THIS RULE IS NOT FOLLOWED THE SELLER WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE SITE IMMEDIATELY

Making comments or asking questions doesn't mean you’re interested. The seller is responsible for tracking interested persons. If you are interested in the item for sale, please respond with a take or pass within 12 hours. If the person interested does not respond within 12 hours, the item will be offered to the next person in line interested. This allows the next buyer in line to take or pass the item.

2. You can only "bump" your item\items once in 24 hours.

3. No selling illegal or stolen items.

4. Please delete sold items so that this page stays up to date for others.

5. Please be honest about what you are selling. It is disappointing when you meet up and find that the seller was dishonest.

6. Please put location and prices on your items. This site is not open for Bidding! All bidding items will be deleted and the member removed from the site.

7. Please create an album when selling multiple items.

8. Please, be considerate to the person selling/buying items and show up for your meeting. If you are not able to make the date/time, please contact the buyer/seller to reschedule or cancel the sale. If a buyer or seller "No shows" 2 or more times you will be deleted from the site.

9. Absolutely no spam of any kind posted. This includes no advertising for any business. If your post Advertisement, it will be deleted and you may be removed and blocked from the site.

10. Please be kind and respectful to the people who post items on this page. As our mothers always told us “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all”

11.You must mark in your post if your item is listed on other sites.

12. Do not put first come first serve on an item. That would make an unnecessary trip for a potential buyer. Follow the order of interest!

13. This is not an income based site. If you are selling items for a 1, 2, or 3rd etc. income, this is not the site to use.

14. Admin has the right to remove/block any member of the site at any given time.

15. If your having an issue with another member please contact admin and not post on main page.

16. NO Firearm sales - This does not include Air soft or Nerf Guns
Rules are always subject to change.