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Nkosana Charles Kodi’s Profile.

Career Track Record:

In life, some qualities you learn or acquire, but some you are born with. A Jeremiah 1:5 says, before Nkosana was formed in the womb Gd knew him and before he was born he had already been set apart and appointed a prophet to the nations as the only King of Mokhuku.

Nkosana & Stocks & Stocks…
Nkosana was discovered by Solomon Molokwane, popularly known as Solly Moholo, in the late 80’s. He recorded his first acapella album, ‘Abarapele Ka Nnete’ in 1990 with his group, ‘Nkosana & Stocks & Stocks’. Because of the Mukhukhu feel of the album, he immediately endeared himself to the Z.C.C. gospel music fans. Since then he recorded ‘Isangoma’, ‘Seteng Sediba’, ‘Badumedi’, and ‘Rapela O Filwe Sebaka’ (all acapella).

In the late 90’s, with the emergence of instrumental (with drums) music, the audience’s interest shifted and Nkosana released his first instrumental album titled ‘Oreng Ka Nna’. Immediately, the track ‘Oreng Ka Nna’ became a hit and was further recorded by artists such as Solly Moholo.

‘Oreng Ka Nna’ was followed by ‘Gae Legodimong ’, ‘Utlwang Ditaba’, ‘Ditaba Tsa Modimo Ga Difele’, ‘Modimo Waka O Ntlogeletseng’ and ‘Modimo Re Boka Wena’, ‘Ke Fumane Tsela Ya Jeso’ and ‘Sedi Laka’, all with Nkosana & Stocks & Stocks.

Nkosana solo…
Apart from Nkosana & Stocks & Stocks, Nkosana has also released solo albums, which he releases annually towards the Festive season: ‘Ke Nna Yo’, which was followed by ‘Sebakanya Se’, which reached platinum status; ‘Jehova Ke Tla Mo Leboga Ka eng?’, ‘Matlhomoleng featuring Morena Wa Kganya’, ‘Ke Rapela Modimo wa Metlholo’, ‘Ke Fumane Kolobetso’, ‘Morena Boloka’ and ‘Sechaba Sa Hao’, which was released last 2010.

Over the years, Nkosana worked with a group called ‘Mojeremane All Stars’. In 1998, he and the late Lucas ‘Mojeremane’ Xale started a group called ‘The Rock’, which recorded two albums before collaborating with the late Oleseng Shuping. It went on to record a further 6 albums before Oleseng's tragic accident, which prompted the group to be put on hold, pending his recovery. However, while everyone was still hoping for Oleseng's comeback, Mojeremane tragically passed on in 2008, further minimizing the chances of The Rock's revival. Eventually, Oleseng's passing in 2010 put to death any hope of The Rock's comeback!

Dubbed, the “The King of Sione Gospe"l by Solly Moholo, before Mojeremane’s tragic passing, Nkosana had team up again with the old man to form, by popular demand, a group called ‘Wa Cha Mukhukhu’. The idea was to record the ZCC Mkhukhu dance at its best. The group has so far released five albums to date. In 2009 Nkosana went solo with Wacha Mkhukhu as the sole lead vocalist after the passing of Mojeremane early in 2008. He released ‘Maria Mma Jeso A Tsholla Dikeledi’ and ‘Ditaba Tse Ka Jeso Ke Matlhomola Pelo featuring the hit Inbombolo’ as a leading solo vocalist in Wa Cha Mkhukhu.

Wa Cha Mkhukhu is set to release its 6th album in total early on 31 January 2011 titled 'Relebalele Melato featuring the hit Ereng Helele Helele.' Mokhukhu dance at its best...watch the space!