Dammam,al khobar Yard Sale

This is Dammam,Al khobar yard sale, it's conducted to get rid of items that people don't need. Items may be old, used, moderatel
y used or even brand new.
One man's junk, another man's treasure!

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1. Check the product in the presence of whoever you are buying from.
2. Pick up whatever you buy from the buyer's house & make sure you have their phone number. You better wait in front of the house. NEVER go in a place you don't know!
3. Don't ever go alone. Four eyes are better than two!
4. If you know recognize a scammer you should say it out loud whenever s/he post in the group.
5. In case you are scammed you have the fraud's data, home address, phone number .. etc I recommend going to the police.
6. Sellers if you sell something, specify your conditions for refund "within 1 day, keep it sealed ...etc"

7. Sellers please identify the condition of your item & state clearly whether it's used or brand new.
8. PLEASE Sellers add a REAL picture of your products rather than internet pictures, & if the picture is not clear, please state any deviations, faults, etc...

Again the group & the admins are a link between the seller & the buyer with no further liability or guarantee. Please report any scams or mishaps to any of the admins…
Thank you