Reidland-Farley Paducah Barter and Trade

I created this group to provide a forum for local barter and trade.
I'm not responsible for any dealings between members.
Please conduct yourself responsibly and follow through on your deals. Anyone causing drama or not playing by the "golden rule" in their transactions will be banned super quick.

Admin are not responsible, nor liable for any transactions made on this page! All of you have an obligation to be responsible consumers! You need to check things out thoroughly before you purchase them. If your not 100% satisfied with it at the time you are looking at it do not buy it! Both the buyer and the seller in these situations have certain obligations.

Any questionable content will be removed by ADMIN and the offending user will be banned from the group. Some examples of unacceptable content are as follows: PORNOGRAPHY, ILLEGAL ITEMS, SPAM, SCAMMERS SOLICITING MONEY, OUT OF STATE ADS AND ADS CONTAINING PROFANITY.

I have no problem with local businesses posting ads as long as it's not excessive.