Littlefield & Lamb County Trading Post

1. Anyone can join!!! Please add any friend you would like to the group by clicking the button to the right that says "Add Friends to Group". If you would like to be added, simply click "Request to be added to group" and we will get you added!

2. Play nice - please be courteous and respectful to everyone!

3. We assume ZERO responsibility for anything sold or purchased on this site. You are responsible for resolving problems on your own, whether you are buying or selling. We will be glad to intervene and try to help, but ultimately you are buying and selling at your own risk! Repeat offenders who are dishonest or frequent "no-shows" will be removed from the group.

4. Once your item is received, given away, traded, etc. please remove it by clicking the X next to your post.

5. No illegal items are allowed. No firearms or ammunition. No counterfeit or replica handbags.

6. If you have a business, such as Mary Kay, Avon, Scentsy, etc. it is fine to advertise occasionally. However, if the page begins to get overloaded with these advertisements we might have to change the rules at that time.

7. If you are selling formula or baby food, you must be able to provide a receipt that shows that you purchased these items yourself. You are not allowed to sell items obtained through WIC. However, you are encouraged to donate these items for free, if you wish!

8. All rules are subject to change!

9. Have fun!