Bushland Beach Crime Watch

Bushland Beach & Surrounds Crime Page is about working together to keep everyone safe.

This page runs 24 hours a day, we don’t.

* Persons who do not abide by these rules will be removed *

No "Vigilante Style" action will be tolerated, nor bagging Police Persons.

1• Be RESPECTFUL of the other Users of this group.

2• No bullying or judgments of other people’s opinions.

3• Profanity, slanderous, and racist comments will be deleted.

4• Comments inciting vigilante or violent behavior will be deleted.

5• When describing an offender please use a description as accurate as possible, The preferred method is light or dark complexion.

6• Only Confirmed Stolen Vehicle Rego’s to be placed on page

7• Personal grievances with people \ companies \ businesses and peoples addresses will be deleted.

8• All stolen property will be placed in the stolen property album. Please find the album located in the "Photos" tab.

9• Admin reserves the right to delete any persons or comments
that do not fall within these rules without warning.

Regards Admin.

***The Page will not be accountable for members being hurt or in trouble with the police or court, everyone should lock up secure and keep eyes and ears open. Numbers for assistance are listed in the IN CASE OF EMERGENCY folder, if you feel yourself, family or community members are at risk PLEASE DONT HESITATE TO CALL The Authorities