Good Neighbors of Woodland

In light of recent robberies, crime and suspicious activity in our little town of Woodland, I thought I'd start an ALL Woodland group...old Woodland - EVERYONE is Welcome!!

This is an equal opportunity group to post things going on in the neighborhood!!!

Be a Good Neighbor!!! Be a Good Watchdog!!

Please keep the negative comments to yourself as this is NOT a forum for politics or religion. This is not a place to sell your wares!!!

If a post or comment is found to be inappropriate, I reserve the right to delete it. I do not believe in censorship, but the group was designed to create a sense of community, not division!! Please be respectful!!

Use the group as a forum to post about good and bad things!! If you hear about crimes in your neighborhood, this is a perfect place to tell everyone!!! If you have a friend or family member who lives in Woodland, please add them to the group!!

In the interest of supporting our community by being Good Neighbors, posting events going on in Woodland are welcome here, whether it's for your school, your church, your charity, or otherwise.

I hope this will help promote neighbor goodwill and raise awareness for what's going on in our community!!! With fewer Police on the streets now due to cuts, it's important that we all look out for each other!!!

Good Neighbor of Woodland