Naples NY Community Facebook Page

A group for anyone in Naples, NY to contribute and post to. Get out community events and resources, announce a lost pet, give some clutter away, discuss a town or village-related issue. Or just post your favorite pics around Naples. Invite your friends! Ex-Neapolitans welcome.


1: Please be a real person and please use your real name on FB if you ask to join this group.

2: Please do not use this group to wage personal attacks against other members or use clearly inappropriate language. If you do attack other members and the community asks for you to be removed, you will be banned for at least three months. A second banning will be permanent.

3: Moderator abuse is not tolerated by any community member. While moderators may be contacted about concerns, their decision is final. Failure to respect this will result in a lifetime ban.

4. When requesting for a post to be removed that you aren't the original post owner please put directly on post that you are requesting for this post to be removed instead of sending a PM (personal message) to an admin.

**Admins have the right to remove any post that we don't see fit on the page **

5. If selling multiple items please list in a combined post. Once a listing is sold or given away please delete post.

Respect, dignity and kindness can never go wrong!