Abbyloopers for Transabdominal Cerclage (TAC)

**TAC for Abbyloopers is not a substitute for Abbyloopers (located on, but rather a group where Facebook members can support one another. As an advocate of their own health, it is the responsibility of each member to research, learn, and along with their TAC surgeon, decide what is the best procedure for them. Please join Abbyloopers for more information including a database of TAC surgeons as well as information from a few of our TAC doctors in the group. Physicians hold differing opinions regarding methods of Transabdominal Cerclage, and seeking as many opinions as possible is always beneficial.

Abbyloopers serves to provide information and support regarding transabdominal cerclage, a specialized procedure for the treatment of premature delivery due to the condition of Cervical Insufficiency, or otherwise referred to as Incompetent Cervix.

Many women have been told that they will never be able to have children due to a shortened and/or damaged cervix, either a result of congenital reasons or past surgeries on the cervix itself. The majority of members have lost or nearly lost precious babies due to experiencing failure of the most common cerclage available, Transvaginal Cerclage, and have benefited from Transabdominal Cerclage in subsequent pregnancies. Transabdominal Cerclage and the skilled physicians who perform this procedure have allowed many people to obtain their goal of having a family.

Abbyloopers members are advocates of the procedure and hope to spread the word to families and the medical community, that the TAC is a viable option for management in the case of Cervical Insufficiency.

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PLEASE CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN FOR MEDICAL MATTERS OF CONCERN. Information provided by group members and Group Physicians is for general knowledge only and is not intended to replace specific medical advice or personal consultation from your own doctor. Physicians hold differing opinions regarding methods of cerclage. As an advocate of their own health, each member is responsible for researching, learning and deciding which procedure is appropriate for them by seeking personal medical consultation. Abbyloopers and/or Group Physicians assume no responsibility legally or otherwise as a result of non-compliance. No SPAM, photos or videos are permitted. Please respect other members. Moderators reserve the right to edit or remove posts and threads or unsubscribe or ban members for any reason at any time without warning.