Mid Century Memories Of Chilliwack

I would like to see this group commit itself to a goal of creating a written and photo heritage of memories that are "touchstones" for anybody that lived in Chilliwack in those years and would thus be able to "flesh out" the "sketchier" aspects of what we recall. I don't want to extoll Chilliwack the way it is now; or criticize the way it is now, and how it got to this state of affairs. I want this to be the foundation of a database that will allow us, at our leisure to collaborate on a book or DVD (or a combination of both) that would have meaning to those who come after us, and want to vicariously share the life we had as kids in Chilliwack. I will be very vigilant if the tone deviates much from that theme. I don't want to see criticism or hurtful remarks...that is not what I am about, and that is not what this FB Group seeks to be about. I will warn a person once, and after that, I will block them from participating. If that is the type of group that interests you, you are very welcome.