I went to Camp Tepeetonka at Big Stone Lake

A group for former campers and counselors that camped, worked, or have great stories about one of eastern South Dakota's great treasures!

1920 - Camp Tepeetonka was organized at Christenson’s Point, Lake Madison. (Tepeetonka means “Big Tent.”) by the Sioux Falls YMCA

1930 - Camp Tepeetonka was moved from Lake Madison to 55-acre Manhattan Island on Big Stone Lake. The island cost $5,000 and was a gift from W.H.T. Foster.

1947 - The Board authorized the purchase of five barrack buildings from the Sioux Falls Army Air Base. The barracks were moved to Camp Tepeetonka for use as a dining hall, kitchen facility, and additional cabins. (This was a gift from W.H.T. Foster.)

1957 - A concrete sports area was built at Camp Tepeetonka by Zip Feed Mills, and a new cabin was given to Camp Tepeetonka by the Graham Family

1958 - A new staff cabin was given to Camp Tepeetonka by the Sioux Falls Y’s Men Club.

1963 - Cabins were relocated and enlarged at Camp Tepeetonka. The new wash house and the Iseman Lodge were completed (the lodge was a gift from the Iseman Corporation).

1975 - Camp Tepeetonka Committee provided funds to remodel the wash house at Tepeetonka.

1977 - Lewis family provided funds to build the H. Lauren Lewis Log Cabin at Camp Tepeetonka.

1978 - W.P. Graham Memorial Swimming Pool dedicated at Camp Tepeetonka.

1980 - Camp Tepeetonka and YMCA Swim Program both become co-ed.

1990 - Last summer of operation for Camp Tepeetonka.

1991 - Camp Tepeetonka listed for sale.

1992 - Tepeetonka equipment and memorabilia sold at auction at Leif Ericson Day Camp.