Sussex Buy, Sell & Swap.

I created this group for the ones who want to keep it on Facebook and not go to Varagesale.

This group was created to allow those in the Sussex New Brunswick Canada Area to Buy, Sell Trade or Barter Goods and services they have or can provide.

The Sussex area is defined by the communities that lie within the triangle made by the cities of Moncton, Saint John and Fredericton in New Brunswick Canada. If you don't reside in that geographical area, please don't bother asking to join.

Please read the "Rules of this Group" before asking to join. By asking to join you acknowledge that you have Read, Understand, and are prepared to abide by all the rules.

1. All pictures are to be in albums "where possible", exception cell phones and dial up ONLY. These should be identified as such in the description.

2. All items listed must contain a selling price.

3. All items are to be deleted when no longer available.

4. Items are to be bumped by the original poster once every 24 hrs. ONLY.

5. All members must be approved by the Admin.

6. All posters will be given one and only one opportunity to abide by the rules.

7. All decisions of the Admin are final and non negotiable.

8. All Buyers and Sellers should exercise caution when dealing with strangers.

9. All initial offers to purchase must be made on the board and not by PM. This board adopts the principle that first expression of interest has the first chance to purchase, all others wait in line quietly.

10. It is strongly recommended that a 24 hr rule be in effect for replying or waiting for a reply from a potential buyer. Not all of use sit in front of our computers or even have Facebook access 24/7.

11. All personal information is to be shared by PM not on the board.

12. All members Will Keep this site a "Drama Free Zone". This is the ultimate rule that supersedes all other rules. Be respectful and Drama Free or be Gone.

Have an enjoyable experience Everyone.