Kamloops 24 HOUR Bid Wars


Current Admins are Janelle Lindbergh, Jeremy Wachter, Mary Lindbergh, Evan Hodson, Melanie Hewer.
Please if any questions or concerns PM one of the Admins.

ABSOLUTELY no firearms to be posted.

We as Admin will not be held responsible for any disputes or legal issues, we will try our best to support each post and trust each person is being fair.

No Making your Own rules, we have rules in place, and are based of another successful site in Logan Lake.
ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA or BEING RUDE to other members, this would be reason for removing from the group, we are Adults lets act like Adults.

We can not have any blocking in this group, in order for it to go smooth and fairly.
If any Admins are blocked by a Member this would be reason we boot from the group no questions asked.

Admins must be able to communicate with a member. Thank you :)

Post an item with a starting Bid (SB$1)
It is suggested from other working sites to go up in .50 cent or $ amount increments, a free SB is acceptable.

Your post is active for 24 hours and is sold to the highest bidder at closest to your end time, example: you posted at 10:58am then the last bidder at 10:57am would be the winner.

Please keep winning bid posts up until the item is picked up, this way if not picked up in the arranged time frame, the bid would then move to the next highest bid that was on the post within the 24hour period.
If not sold. Take it down after 24 hours then re-post.
Most often a lower starting bid gets more attention. We have seen a free item go for about $50 another post was posted at $5 and went for $87.

Please only post one Picture of your item with description and a SB, If you have multiple pictures of your item then post additional pictures in the comments of your post.

If using this group to post your item then don't post your item on another site, if someone is bidding here they are expecting to get the item and its unfair to have it sold and posted else where.

Do not flood the site. No more than 15 auctions from 1 seller in 24 hours.
Bumping: Posters may bump each auction twice in the 24hr period..

In the event of a no show for pick up, please advise group administrators of this event. Repeated events can have you booted.

Please ONLY BID if you're SERIOUS about buying and willing to pick up in reasonable time.

It is up to the buyer to pick up the item they win, this should be about 4 days unless otherwise arranged through a PM with the seller.

If you are located outside Kamloops please indicate that and arrange getting your item to Kamloops or otherwise pre arranged with poster in a PM before bidding. Thank you

Any other tips or problems please feel free to send a PM to an Admin member thank you!

Best of all Have FUN!!! =)