Koop en Verkoop Ladysmith

Buy and Sell anything , advertise your business, buy a business, sell a business, buy a house, sell a house, post School & Social events, ask advice , give advice , share anything of interest , have fun , be nice, make friends, post anything for safety in the community.

This is an open group so can be seen by everyone therefore no racial or abusive postings will be tolerated. Businesses can post ads but please don't spam or post the same ad many times. Group admin will remove
inappropriate posts.

Group Admins will not be held liable for postings of the members. Membership is regulated at admins discretion

Please add your friends to this group by using the option on the right of the wall in order to:
1. make them and their friends aware of this facility
2. make them aware of the items being posted/advertised on it
3. make this group a success for it's members and the LADYSMITH people
4. Help with the current trend to “Keep trade Local”
5. Please don't SPAM - admins will remove too many ads from one person per day

Please message the administrator if you have any problems, issues, complaints or suggestions about posts on this group or how the group is being managed. We want to make this a useful and better group for all of it's members and for the local LADYSMITH public.

Happy posting of your LADYSMITH Classified Adverts!