Roane County Neighborhood Watch Group

This group was created to post about break ins, suspicious activity or other important things going on in your neighborhood. No spam, advertising, yard sales or any items of that nature. Just a page to let others know of things in our neighborhoods to watch for. After a rash in break-ins lately...hopefully we can all watch out for each other! Please no advertising or links to other forums. If comments become threatening, rude, ugly or distasteful...they will be removed. Please keep it clean and be adults. All opinions are not the same. Please be an adult and realize that although your opinion may differ from the next person's opinion.....most opinions are just that. They are just someone's opinions or thoughts. Many times a discussion on the matter will bring insight into a different side of the situation that you never thought of. Disclaimer: The group administrator is not responsible for postings, thoughts, and actions of others. The thoughts and postings on this site are purely the opinions of those posting and do not in any way reflect the opinions or thoughts of the administrator. All illegal activities should be reported to the police. Administrator does not condone or encourage citizens taking matters into their own hands.