Eastern Shore Horse Network

This is a facebook network for all horse people on the Eastern Shore to keep each other informed about upcoming events, horse shows, activities, etc. Also, if someone needs help, this would be a good place to reach out and ask for it...for yourself or others. Please let this be a supportive group to help make the Eastern Shore a better place for both equines and their people.

Only items of Equine interest should be posted. Advertisements may be posted once every two weeks. If you have lots of photos, please make an album. Do not post multiple individual photos of each item. Ask interested individuals to private message you rather than having a long conversation on the board. If you bump your ads more often, it may be deleted. If you do it multiple times, you might be unsubscribed from the group. Think about what you are going to say before posting and include all information in the first post. Make sure to include your location. Any ads for horses, items, or services further than half hour from the Delmarva Peninsula are not permitted.