Mount Holly Town Talk

Welcome to Mount Holly Town Talk,
Thanks for being a part of our group! Mount Holly Town Talk (MHTT) is a positive, proactive, pro-Mount Holly Facebook Group promoting unity within our community and operating for the “Greater Good of Mount Holly and the East Gaston Area.” Our goal is to strengthen the Mount Holly-Belmont Community and surrounding areas by working together to better our town. Together we believe we can make a difference in our community by: improving communication, increasing involvement, sharing information, and strengthening connections/relationships.

At Mount Holly Town Talk we believe in expanding the good in Mount Holly-Belmont and the East Gaston area for everyone! We represent a wide diversity of residents, business owners, and community leaders sharing talent, information, news, and encouragement to benefit the community.

MHTT is not a gossip group, a forum for debate, or a place to vent personal frustrations. Cynicism and profanity are not welcome. This includes disparaging comments about groups or individuals who are anti-Mount Holly. Please this is a family site. Lets’ keep it clean!. First time offenders commits will be deleted and you will be warned. Second time and you will be banned from group

We welcome positive posts and encourage interaction and self-moderation. Most members prefer reading shorter posts. Continual lengthy posts are often not read by most members. Thinking before posting is highly encouraged. However, we understand that once in while some topics may entail longer posts. As to we want to promote community involvement. Businesses ads are posted on Mondays only please!

We encourage thoughtful responses rather than emotional reactions. Something that seems obvious to you may not be obvious to others. Ask questions and avoid negative assumptions.
*Posts and Comments deemed inappropriate are subject to deletion. *

Mount Holly Town Talk is an Open Group, for now.

If you have an event to share, please use the “Events” tab to create an event. Complete the Name, Details, Where, When, and Time fields and include a photo if you can. An Event Reminder appears automatically on the Group wall on the event day and will ensure your event won’t “get lost and buried” on the wall.

We encourage sharing photos and videos related to Mount Holly-Belmont and the East Gaston, people, places, and events. Upload photos and videos via the “Photos” tab or included them in a post.

We welcome the creation of documents and uploading files related to Mount Holly.

We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks for all you do to make MHTT a great place to work, live, and play!

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This page is not administered, endorsed, speaking for, or otherwise acting on behalf of the the City of Mount Holly or its leadership. Essentially a disclaimer.