How to remove members from a facebook group?

As much as its development, facebook has become a giant network with messy information. A group is a place where people can exchange their experiences and hobbies, sell things, post recruitments,… Some information are useful, but some others are just really spams, which make members annoyed and reduce the page’s qualify. As an admin, you should refine all posts on your group and know which member is not suitable and affects badly to others members. Unless this member leaves the group himself, ONLY admin can remove members from a facebook group. In this tutorial, I will show you how to remove members from your group.


Step 1: Login to your Facebook account and go to the facebook group

Step 2: On the top of page there are some fields. Choose Members. You will see the list of members who has joined your group.

[Post 5] How to remove members 1

Step 3: Find member you want to remove by using search bar above the list.

Step 4: Click on setting button below the member’s name, select Remove from Group.

[Post 5] How to remove members 2

When an asking box shows up, click Confirm to finish. You can also block member from re-joining the group by ticking the option.